Do-It-Yourself Self-Watering Pot


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Hi there. It’s been a while since our last update. We’ve been pretty busy lately. So busy that our plants died because we forgot to water them πŸ™

Because of that, today we’ll be sharing on how to Do-It-Yourself a self-watering container for your plants. We did this a couple of months ago and our little chili plant survives till today πŸ™‚
Self watering pot craft_1

Two months old chili plant in its self-watering pot.

Self watering pot craft

1) Get an empty mineral water bottle

2) Cut into two.

3) Place some strips of cloths and add soil.

4) Add water.

5) Add seed and place container in a shady yet with enough sunlight area.

6) Wait and watch your seed sprout!

It has been 2 months since we started this project and we only changed the water twice. The water never runs dry yet we changed it to get rid of the moss in the water.

Do try this with your little ones. Finally, a hassle-free gardening! πŸ™‚

Bottle Pencil Case


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This is a great school holiday crafts for kids. Today we will be transforming a simple plastic bottle into a cool Airplane Pencil Case.
Papier Mache Aeroplane Pencil Case_2

Papier Mache Airplane Pencil Case

Papier Mache Aeroplane_1

– Slit open an empty plastic bottle.
– Cut wings and tail out of old carton boxes and tape them onto the bottle
– Cut strips of old newspaper into small pieces and soak them in water
– Glue paper all over the entire bottle with the last layer being plain white paper.
– Let dry overnight

Papier Mache Aeroplane Pencil Case_3

Paint the airplane and glue a 20cm zipper around the opening.

Papier Mache Aeroplane Pencil Case_4

The Papier Mache Airplane Pencil Case is ready for your kids to show off to friends when school reopens ^_^

DIY : Soft Glow Light


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We were privileged to be invited to dine at The Speakeasy Restaurant and Bar yesterday. The food is awesome but what caught my eyes the moment we were seated is their glow lights! I was at awe with their decor. It is all hand-made and I am telling you, this is really awesome! I finally found someone who loves craft as much as I do!

Just place a tea light candle in an empty bottle.

Stick a tape along creep paper and turn it inside out.

Place the creep paper over the bottle and there – a beautiful soft glow to illuminate the night.

I am truly amazed at Soraya’s creativity. This is only ONE out of her many craft work that I found that night. Shall share more with you as we countdown to Christmas! πŸ˜€

Paper Mache Aeroplane


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We are very excited today. We did a paper mache aeroplane! We can now build our very own toys! Yeay!

Paper Mache Aeroplane

Cut wings and tail out of paper plate and attach to an empty plastic bottle using masking tape.

Spread glue on the bottle and paste wet shredded paper. Repeat until the entire bottle is covered.

It is best to paste few layers to get solid and hard aeroplane.

Finish with a layer of white recycled paper and let dry.

Paint it with the colour of your choice.

Decorate it.

Paint windows and all. Let dry and spray a layer of varnish to seal the paint.

He now has a new aeroplane to play with! πŸ˜€



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Craft go green πŸ™‚ Don’t throw your empty bottles away. Today, we are going to make a rocket πŸ™‚

Rocket from recycled bottle

– Get an empty bottle

– Wrap it with aluminium foil

– Press and squeeze it tight until you see the shape of the bottle forming

Use colored craft foams to decorate the rocket

– Make a cone out of paper and stick to the tip of the rocket

– Wrap it with aluminium foil and decorate as you wish

Your awesome rocket is done! πŸ˜€