Crepe Paper Pencil Holder


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I’ve always loved the fine art of pottery. I wish to try pottery with the students but I can’t find a good enough clay yet.

In the meantime, remember the kids’ paper twisting project previously? Refer to it here. Let’s get them to train their ‘pottery’ skills using crepe paper instead πŸ™‚

We will need a large toilet paper roll. Glue a cardboard at the base and let dry.

We’ll need lots of strips of crepe paper.

Twisting crepe paper is good to train the little kids’ motor skills and coordination.

Apply glue on the toilet paper roll and paste the twisted crepe paper, rolling and repeating with new strips of paper until you’ve covered the entire roll.

The kids busy with their masterpiece.

The completed crepe paper pencil holder.

The kiddo decorated it to be a colourful alien bunny ^_^

Another kid did this creative BEE!

Aren’t they beautiful? I’d be very proud to have them on my working station πŸ™‚

Easter Lamb craft


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It’s Good Friday today. Are you done decorating your eggs for Easter? Β Inspired by DisneyFamilyFun, we did this little cutie lamb today πŸ™‚

Easter Egg Lamb

Our little artist has just started learning the piano and one of his favourite piece is Mary has a Little Lamb. He learned this piece from YouTube. Watch him play here πŸ˜€

Since he is loving lambs so much, it is only appropriate to make one to accompany him <3

All you need are:Β 
* an empty egg shell
* a black straw for the legs
* colored paper for the ears (I cut out from old magazine)
* cotton balls
* glue

Cut the straws

Glue onto the egg

Paste cotton all over the lamb leaving the front part empty for the face

Draw eyes and mouth

The Easter Egg family is expanding πŸ˜€ Check out our previous post on making the Easter Egg Mickey Mouse here.

Easter Egg Mickey Mouse


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Easter is just around the corner.

Thanks to, we found this cute way to decorate our Easter Eggs πŸ™‚

Watch this video on how we transformed an ordinary egg into a cute Mickey Mouse! <3