Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft


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We first did this toilet paper roll octopus back in 2010 with the elder brother.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Today we did the same with the little brother but skipped the painting part so it is not too lengthy. 


You’ll need:
1 pcs toilet paper roll
1 pcs coloured foam
2 pcs googly eyes
Hole punch

Watch this video on how your toddler can make an octopus out of a toilet paper roll. If you intend to use kitchen roll, you’ll have to cut it short accordingly. 

Christmas Craft: Handprint Mitten


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Christmas is near and I am getting the kids to make some crafts to decorate our house.

We will be making this simple craft we did back in 2010 – Handprint Christmas Mitten.


My 3 year old did a tutorial video for this Handprint Mitten. Watch it here:

Sponge Painting – Koi Fish


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Koi painting

We did this sponge artwork with the elder brother back in 2012. Back then we did not have video tutorials. Today, we did this fun sponge painting with my 3 year old and we have the video to share.

Here is the koi fish template if you wish to do it with your little ones too: