Toilet Paper Roll Cupid

It’s Valentine’s Day today and we are making a cute cupid out of toilet paper roll 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Cupid

Paint a toilet paper roll pink

Paste eyes onto the roll. Alternatively you may dip your finger into white paint and print it as the eyes, paint black for the eyeball.

Draw the mouth

You’ll need some aluminium foil

Twist the foil until you get a strip and shape it into a wing. Repeat until you get a pair of wings

Use cellophane tape to tape the wings into place

Cut a strip of white paper and paste onto the cupid. Get some cotton and paste it too as the hair

Use pipe cleaner and craft foam and make the bow and arrow.

Glue the arrow and bow onto the cupid and you are done!

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all 😀

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