Father’s Day Handprint Card

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s make a card for dear ol’ Dad 😀

Father’s Day Card

Draw a heart on a craft foam and cut

Click here to learn how to get symmetrical heart shape

The kids with their ‘hearts’ 🙂

Draw the outline of your palm

The kids decorating and personalising their cards

Their masterpiece 🙂


  1. Notice that Ethan’s handprint card is the smallest… kekek.. but of cos the cuttest!! Nice gift for daddy… very innovative!

    • Merryn


      Imagine OUR handprint on the card! Gigantic 😛

    • Merryn


      Crafting is fun but is so much better when done together 🙂 The more, the merrier.

  2. cool! i can’t imagine ethan doing that hand sign greetingt daddy happy father’s day =P

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