Paper Loop Penguin


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Simple paper loop can create such cute creatures. Today, let us make a paper loop penguin 🙂

Paper Loop Penguin

Get a strip of sugar paper

You need to cut two strips. One slightly longer than the other

Roll them to form a loop and paste the end

Do the same for the other strip and you’ll have two loops

Put some glue on the joining

And paste the two loops together

Cut two flippers and paste

Paste googly eyes

Cut an oval out of a white piece of paper and paste

Your paper loop penguin is done. Isn’t it cute? 😀

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wow that is so cute…
wanna make plenty of them

That’s an awesome craft! Love your egg carton penguin magnet too, you are such a superbly creative mommy!^-^

A wonderful day to you Merryn!

oh i love this artwork! penguin it is!!!

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