Happy Family Chicken Eggs

I so love this Easter project that I did with Ethan (well, most of it was ME as empty egg shells are too fragile to be handled by him). The end result is just too satisfying and cute!
Let’s start 😀

One Happy Family Chicken Eggs
You'll need some empty egg shells.
You'll need to cut out some 'chicken parts' from coloured felts and paste double layered tape on it.
Paste all the parts onto the empty egg shell. Draw two dots as the eyes.
Introducing... Daddy Chicken Egg 😀
Put your hands together for... Mummy Chicken Eggs 🙂
Our bundle of joy... Baby Chicken Egg a.k.a. Ethan 😛
Together, we make a lovely Happy Family portrait 🙂

I’m still smiling looking at those eggs 🙂 If you have any Easter projects you want to share with us, please submit them here and we’ll link it back to you. Thank you 🙂


  1. i was looking for through the chicken for mama merryn and i found her.. the one with red lips is u, right? so cute cute!!

    • Merryn


      That is not the ‘lips’.. that’s the wattle, the little thingy hanging under the neck 😛 And that means that is the rooster 😀


    • Merryn


      Do it for your family 😀 I bet they’ll be cuter and merrier 🙂

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