Cute Pom-Pom Chick

This is my first time doing a yarn craft. But I definitely LOVE the result of this Cute PomPom Chick! Isn’t it cute?
You’ll need this small gadget to make the pom pom.
You’ll need to do two pompoms of slightly different sizes. Then tie them up together. Lastly, decorate them and you’ll get this…Ahh.. imagine having a cute chick on your phone/fax receiver. Simply cute. ^^


  1. Ayie

    That’s really cute! Before i used to do pompoms with the help of boards, now there’s so much ease doing such stuffs. I never saw that gadget til today.

  2. Willie

    Boy..u r surely good at this. If i do it…it might turn into a dinosaur. Hehehe

  3. Merryn

    Ayie, I DON’T know how to make a pompom from a board! 🙂

    Willie, if it CAN turn out to be a dinosaur, i wanna learn from YOU!

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