Father’s Day Card

Father’s Day is around the corner. I’ve made this card for my Darling, for being the #1 Dad to my precious Ethan. I’ll make another for my Dad too, for being the #1 Grandpa to Ethan and the #1 Dad to ME!

I use blue craft foam.
Fold both ends so that they meet in the middle.
Push down the top corner to make the ‘collar’. Glue it down.
Draw some lines and cut a line through the pocket to insert a note.
I printed Darling’s name and a note to slip into the pocket. Peek-a-boo at what’s inside.
Peek again…
Tah-dah! My precious Darlings!


  1. Ayie

    Nothing beats a handmade card for a gift….might be as simple as it is but very meaningful.

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