Pyssla Beads spotted at Toys ‘r’ Us

Was shopping for gifts in Toys ‘r’ Us today when I came across THIS! Pyssla beads! Ok, so they don’t call them ‘Pyssla’ but they sure ARE the BEADS that I’ve come to LOVE so much recently! So to those of you who live far, far away from IKEA, you can now get your beads from Toys ‘r’ Us! 
Now.. isn’t THAT great? I bet many of you will make a dash to Toys ‘r’ Us soon 😛

Our Pyssla beads project for today is…

Watermelon! 😀


    • Merryn

      hehe.. hurry over as the crowd are getting out of hand with Christmas just around the corner! 😛

  1. oh my… we have Toy R Us here… and i will be shopping for toys for Christmas too.. so maybe i grab that opportunity to check if they have bead like this

    • Merryn


      I hope they do as I know you’ll come out with awesome stuffs with those beads 😀


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