Vitagen Bottle Panda


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Since making the vitagen bottle elephant the other day, I’m very inspired to make other animals out of it. Today, we shall make a panda out of a vitagen bottle 🙂

Vitagen Panda

Draw a circle out of a white piece of paper, cut and paste to cover the mouth of the bottle

– Do the same for the base of the bottle.
– Paste small strips of paper to cover the entire surface and add some black parts using black sugar paper.

– Cut two ears out of black craft foam and paste

– Cut 2 eyes out of black sugar paper and paste.
– Paste 2 small googly eyes on it.
– Cut a small heart shape for the nose and draw the mouth.
– Use black craft foam as the legs.

Nice? 😀

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Haha…this is cool. 🙂

This is really for my friend Foong.

Thanks Ishmael! : D

Hi Ishmael,

Welcome to my blog 🙂 Yeah, was thinking of Panda Foong when I came out with this 😛

So cute!! This time I mean he panda and not Ethan! Haha!!

But Ethan making the panda is double cute!! LOL!

I think the panda looks nicer from the front than from the side. OK, will buy some Vitagen and make Vitagen bottle panda! : D


The ‘backside’ lagi cute 😛 lol.. Want me to mail this to you? or you wanna make them yourself? a complete happy family with friends?

That is a nice looking panda.. Must make one for my sis.. Haha. 🙂


Oh yeah! I forgot, she’s a panda too 😛 Hmm… must make a happy family.. Come, come to my studio to make them 😀

heya! i got this in advanced dy!! so cute!! so unique!! so creative!!

haha a foong panda!

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