Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Do you know we can make a cute octopus out of toilet paper roll? Let’s make one today 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Paint a toilet paper roll with colour of your choice

Let dry and cut strips mid way through the tube

Use a marker and roll the strips to curl it

Curled up octopus 😀

Paint your pointer white

Stamp your fingers as the eyes

Paint the black eye.

Get a hole punch and punch out tiny circles out of yellow foam

Paste the tiny foam circles onto the octopus

The octopus is done 😀


  1. Kimmy

    Can this “Paul” be fried? Haha..
    Nice one and easy to do..

  2. Now I know what to do with all the toilet paper rolls that I normally throw away. Thanks for the inspiration =)

    • Fledgeling,

      Once you start you can never stop! Hahaha.. the things we can do with toilet paper rolls are endless 🙂

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