Red Packet Lucky Star Lantern

We are going to make a Star out of red packets today 😀

Red Packet Lucky Star Lantern

Fold ten red packets as shown above.

It should look like a diamond from the back

Staple five diamond shape red packets to form a star.

Make two sets.

Staple the two sets together and you’ll get a lovely LUCKY star lantern.

An auspicious decor for Chinese New Year 😀 Tie a gold string so you can hang it.

Add a beautiful tassle to make your star a lovely one 🙂

Ang Pow Lucky Star lantern


  1. ayie

    you are so creative! why buy lanterns when you can make so many good ones already

  2. Linda


    How do you connect the 2 stars together? I’m so sorry but i couldn’t figure it out…


    • Merryn

      Hi Linda,

      Sorry for the late reply. Place them (pointed edges facing each other) and staple. The flat part should be facing outside while the pointed edges are inside.

      I hope you get what I mean..


      • Linda

        I see. Thanks very much! I thought it had to be 3D… =p Have a great Rabbit year!

  3. Adeline

    Thank you very much for your posts on:
    1. Red packet fish lantern
    2. Red packet ancient coin lantern (it could look better with 5 angles instead of four) 😉
    3. Ang pau ball lantern (this is the best design i like ^_^
    3. Gold packet gold fish (good idea!)

    These CNY DIY is awesome! ^_^ Keep it up!

    • Merryn

      Hi Adeline,

      Glad you love them. Have a very happy Chinese New Year to you and your family 😀


  4. anna

    how do you do it
    it is a bit complicated
    can u like show a video of u doing it

  5. anna

    how do you do it
    it is a bit complicated
    can u like show a video of u doing it

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