Red Packet Lucky Star Lantern


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We are going to make a Star out of red packets today πŸ˜€

Red Packet Lucky Star Lantern

Fold ten red packets as shown above.

It should look like a diamond from the back

Staple five diamond shape red packets to form a star.

Make two sets.

Staple the two sets together and you’ll get a lovely LUCKY star lantern.

An auspicious decor for Chinese New Year πŸ˜€ Tie a gold string so you can hang it.

Add a beautiful tassle to make your star a lovely one πŸ™‚

Ang Pow Lucky Star lantern

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you are so creative! why buy lanterns when you can make so many good ones already

Thank you Ayie πŸ˜€


How do you connect the 2 stars together? I’m so sorry but i couldn’t figure it out…


Hi Linda,

Sorry for the late reply. Place them (pointed edges facing each other) and staple. The flat part should be facing outside while the pointed edges are inside.

I hope you get what I mean..


I see. Thanks very much! I thought it had to be 3D… =p Have a great Rabbit year!

Thank you very much for your posts on:
1. Red packet fish lantern
2. Red packet ancient coin lantern (it could look better with 5 angles instead of four) πŸ˜‰
3. Ang pau ball lantern (this is the best design i like ^_^
3. Gold packet gold fish (good idea!)

These CNY DIY is awesome! ^_^ Keep it up!

Hi Adeline,

Glad you love them. Have a very happy Chinese New Year to you and your family πŸ˜€


how do you do it
it is a bit complicated
can u like show a video of u doing it

how do you do it
it is a bit complicated
can u like show a video of u doing it

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