Valentine’s Heart Stand


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s make a lovely heart stand today 😀

Valentine’s Heart Stand

We’ll need two hard construction paper

Cut a circle out of each construction paper. Cut a slit through in the middle end on both the paper.

Slide the paper together, top to bottom.

Cut a heart shape out of white paper. Refer to our previous post here on how to cut symmetrical paper heart.

Use crayon and colour the heart shape.

You may choose to iron the heart shape.

You’ll get stained glass effect after ironing.

Stick a thread onto the heart and glue it onto the paper stand and you’ll get a lovely Valentine’s heart stand 😀

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this is so cool…
i would love to place this on top of my desk at the office

Nicely done!!
Happy Valentine Day!

Instead of using white paper for the heart to color and iron for the stained glass look, how about waxed paper. Have the children put different colors of shaved crayon in between two piece of waxed paper and then iron for more of a see through stained glass look. Just a thought.


Great idea there! It will turn out superb! 😀

Thankx for sharing.


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