Gold Packet Gold Fish

This Chinese New Year, let’s have beautiful goldfish accompanying us 😀 We’ll need only 6 red packets, oops, in this case, gold packets.

Gold Packet Gold Fish

We’ll only need two folding methods. 3 packets for each fold.

Fold both edges, leaving a small gap in the middle.

On the opposite end, fold both edges, leaving no gap in the middle.

You’ll need to fold 3 packets according to the above folding method.

Pick the part with the gap and staple so all three are attached to each other.

It should look like this.

Turn them out

See the fold line? You’ll need to cut the triangle out but do not cut on the line. Leave a little space.

Cut only one side. Leave the other untouched. Do not throw away the small triangle as you’ll need it later for the fins.

Cut the second packet. Cut only on one side too.

Cut the third packet. This time, cut both sides. You’ll now have 4 little triangles.

Fold the remaining 3 packets into half

Fold as shown above

Fold again as shown above and repeat on the other side

Fold all three packets using the above folding method.

Staple them side by side together

Place the tail in between the two packets.

Staple on one side

Staple on the other side too

Take 2 triangles

And staple as the fin

Staple the body shut

Staple as shown above

Insert your finger to puff up the fish

Take another small triangle and staple

Repeat on the other side

Staple it totally shut

Open up the tail

Cut two eyes out of white paper and draw the black eye and paste

I like to use this glass stone purchased from IKEA for the ‘fish eye’ effect.

Simply glue the glass stone onto the eyes and you are done 😀

You may also use red packets (ang bao) if you do not have gold packets 🙂

Still don’t get it? Watch this video 😀

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  1. ayie

    the gold color gave it a better touch!

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