DIY Ang Pow Packet


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I was a pre-school teacher when I was expecting my little artist Ethan. It was always my intention to continue teaching and remain in the working force. All that changed the moment I laid hand on my baby in the Operating Theatre. I submitted my resignation and vowed to be the best mother a mom can be to my son. I live with this mantra in my head – “A parent is a child’s first teacher”.

My love for art and crafts helps create that special bond between Ethan and I. We started crafting together when he was 12 months old and it helps in his motor and fine skills development tremendously. Initially we’ll hang up his masterpieces in the Art Room in the house. Overtime, we ran out of walls.

That is when was born; to immortalize his artwork and also to share our ideas with other mommies out there. That was 3 years ago.

A week ago, we finally got ourselves a colour printer. We chose a HP colour inkjet printerI need not limit his creativity to only water paint and crayons anymore. He can now print out stuffs that he created online.

For a start, with the Chinese New Year around the corner Ethan did his first printing craftwork.

Personalised Ang Pow Packet

He personalised his very own red packets to be given to his grandparents. Let’s have a look at how he does it 😀

A+ #1 – First, choose a picture of the person you are giving the Ang Pow to. This is easily done by stalking their Facebook account 😛 I helped Ethan to get the pictures of my nieces from my sisters’ FB account and saved them in my PC.

A+ #2 – Ethan chose the pictures that he likes best and starts printing. Mind you, he did it all by himself as shown in the video at the end of this post!

A+ #3 – Quickly and silently, our new HP printer did the job. Excellent!

A+ #4 – Take an old Ang Pow packet and tear it open to be used as a template. Trace the outline according to the template.

A+ #5 – The personalised Ang Pow is slowly taking shape.

A+ #6 – Cut accordingly. Please assist your child if he has yet to master the art of cutting with a pair of scissors.

A+ #7 – The personalised Ang Pow cut out.

A+ #8 – Fold accordingly and paste.

A+ #9 – The personalised Ang Pow is done!

A+ #10 – Ethan personalised Ang Pows for all his cousin sisters and even did some of himself to be given to his grandparents 😀

Lovely isn’t it? We are highly impressed with the printout. It looked so natural and beautiful, we are definitely going to do more print art in the future!

I am an A+ mom and so can you!

Watch the video of Ethan printing his very own personalized Ang Pow.

Jelly Fish craft


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He came home from his Mandarin class the other day with this jellyfish craft. It was a very cute craft indeed but when I asked him, he said most of the work was done by the teachers. He got to paste the tentacles though…

Jellyfish craft

Since he did not get to do it entirely by himself in school, I let him do it in the Studio today.

Paint a jellyfish and let it dry

Cut. He can cut perfectly now 😀

Paste the eyes

Paste the tentacles

Tah-dah! Equally cute and 100% his own effort! *thanx to his teachers for the idea though* 😀

Paper Mache Aeroplane


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We are very excited today. We did a paper mache aeroplane! We can now build our very own toys! Yeay!

Paper Mache Aeroplane

Cut wings and tail out of paper plate and attach to an empty plastic bottle using masking tape.

Spread glue on the bottle and paste wet shredded paper. Repeat until the entire bottle is covered.

It is best to paste few layers to get solid and hard aeroplane.

Finish with a layer of white recycled paper and let dry.

Paint it with the colour of your choice.

Decorate it.

Paint windows and all. Let dry and spray a layer of varnish to seal the paint.

He now has a new aeroplane to play with! 😀

Origami cranes for Japan


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We were in Sunway Giza this evening and saw this..

Let’s fold origami cranes for Japan!

They say anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will have their heart’s desire come true.

Let’s together fold MORE than one thousand origami cranes for the Land of the Rising Sun in light of their recent quake and tsunami plight.

Origami papers and simple instructions were provided.

Ethan trying to figure out what to do..

He is getting it… it is starting to turn out to be a crane 😀

There! His origami crane. I think the tail is a little bit off but it’s okay. It’s the effort and thoughts that counts right? He is barely 4 years old, give him a break! 😛

Ready to insert the origami crane into the box provided.

We did not one but four origami cranes. We would love to stay on and do more but we ran out of time.

Will definitely go back to Sunway Giza soon to make more origami cranes.

Our Heart Goes to the people of Japan…

Basic Shapes Dump Truck


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Let’s learn basic shapes today and along the way make a dump truck out of it 😀

Dump truck

I cut several basic shapes such as rectangle, square and circle. We also shredded some crepe paper.

Use a glue stick to stick the shapes

Paste the shapes onto an art block

Spread some glue on the top part of the dump truck

Stick the confetti (shredded crepe paper) on and you are done 😀

Basic shapes dump truck

Valentine’s Heart Mobile


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Let’s make a super simple heart mobile today 🙂

Valentine’s Heart Mobile

Refer to our post here and cut two hearts out of coloured construction paper. I prefer to use papers of different colours.

Cut a slit to the centre of the heart, one slit on the bottom half of the heart and the other heart on the upper half.

Slide the hearts together, top to bottom.

Tie a string or you may cut a strip of paper using craft scissors.

Valentine’s Heart Stand


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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s make a lovely heart stand today 😀

Valentine’s Heart Stand

We’ll need two hard construction paper

Cut a circle out of each construction paper. Cut a slit through in the middle end on both the paper.

Slide the paper together, top to bottom.

Cut a heart shape out of white paper. Refer to our previous post here on how to cut symmetrical paper heart.

Use crayon and colour the heart shape.

You may choose to iron the heart shape.

You’ll get stained glass effect after ironing.

Stick a thread onto the heart and glue it onto the paper stand and you’ll get a lovely Valentine’s heart stand 😀

Hand and footprint Chicken


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Oh Mac Donald had a farm,


And on his farm he has some chickens,


With the cluck, cluck here, cluck, cluck there…

Alright, let’s just get to business 😛

Hand and footprint Chicken

Trace your footprint on a piece of yellow paper

Trace your handprint on orange and red paper

Paste the footprint onto the handprints

Add eyes, beak and all and your chicken is done 🙂

Gold Packet Gold Fish


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This Chinese New Year, let’s have beautiful goldfish accompanying us 😀 We’ll need only 6 red packets, oops, in this case, gold packets.

Gold Packet Gold Fish

We’ll only need two folding methods. 3 packets for each fold.

Fold both edges, leaving a small gap in the middle.

On the opposite end, fold both edges, leaving no gap in the middle.

You’ll need to fold 3 packets according to the above folding method.

Pick the part with the gap and staple so all three are attached to each other.

It should look like this.

Turn them out

See the fold line? You’ll need to cut the triangle out but do not cut on the line. Leave a little space.

Cut only one side. Leave the other untouched. Do not throw away the small triangle as you’ll need it later for the fins.

Cut the second packet. Cut only on one side too.

Cut the third packet. This time, cut both sides. You’ll now have 4 little triangles.

Fold the remaining 3 packets into half

Fold as shown above

Fold again as shown above and repeat on the other side

Fold all three packets using the above folding method.

Staple them side by side together

Place the tail in between the two packets.

Staple on one side

Staple on the other side too

Take 2 triangles

And staple as the fin

Staple the body shut

Staple as shown above

Insert your finger to puff up the fish

Take another small triangle and staple

Repeat on the other side

Staple it totally shut

Open up the tail

Cut two eyes out of white paper and draw the black eye and paste

I like to use this glass stone purchased from IKEA for the ‘fish eye’ effect.

Simply glue the glass stone onto the eyes and you are done 😀

You may also use red packets (ang bao) if you do not have gold packets 🙂

Still don’t get it? Watch this video 😀

Red Packet Lucky Star Lantern


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We are going to make a Star out of red packets today 😀

Red Packet Lucky Star Lantern

Fold ten red packets as shown above.

It should look like a diamond from the back

Staple five diamond shape red packets to form a star.

Make two sets.

Staple the two sets together and you’ll get a lovely LUCKY star lantern.

An auspicious decor for Chinese New Year 😀 Tie a gold string so you can hang it.

Add a beautiful tassle to make your star a lovely one 🙂

Ang Pow Lucky Star lantern

Origami Snake


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Let’s make a snake today 😀

Origami Snake

Fold a square paper half

Fold half again and open.

Fold two ends to meet in the middle.

Fold again.

Open up the previous folds. With the lines as a guide, fold as shown in the picture.

Fold down.

Fold up again.

Do the same for the top.

Fold them together and you'll get your origami snake 🙂

Chinese Paper Cut – SPRING


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Chinese New Year is around the corner so let’s do some paper cuts today. Let’s start with the word SPRING 😀

Spring has arrived

Get a square paper

Fold half

Fold half again

Write the character Spring on the paper as shown above

Cut. Cut a small hole at the top and tie a thread through it.

We should use red or gold thread but I did the above in my working place

and so happen to be running out on those two so I made do with white 🙁

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Paper Cup Flower


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When we go out shopping, we like to sample food given by the promoters and always end up with lots of paper cups in hand. Instead of just disposing them, if they are used to serve you cereals or any dry food, chances are they are still clean. Let’s do Mother Nature a favour and recycle those paper cups. Let’s transform them into pretty flowers 🙂

Paper Cup Flower

See this paper cup? Don’t throw them away.
Let’s make a flower out of it 🙂

Cut all around the paper cup

Cut a circle out of craft foam and paste.
Any color of your choice.

Glue a craft stick at the back. Let it dry.

Your simple paper cup flower is done 🙂

How To Cut Letters from Papers


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I found this on YouTube the other day and thought that it is extremely awesome!

Coming up soon is what we did with those letter cut outs. Stay tune 🙂

Craft Stick Lantern


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Remember the abstract art we did previously? If you don’t, check it out here.

We are going to make a lantern out of that art piece today.

Craft Stick Lantern

Paste 4 craft sticks to form a square on the art piece

Paste more sticks until you get 4 squares

Cut and paste the end together. Cover the bottom and stick a tea light in the middle.

I made another using Panda as the motive and I find it really cool 😀

Using crayons, I drew a couple of pandas on a tracing paper

Like this 🙂

Cover it with another tracing paper

Iron. Again, please be careful while handling hot iron. Make sure the little ones are no where nearby.

Cut and glue together

Nice 🙂

Origami Ice-cream


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It’s time to indulge in delicious ice-cream 🙂

Origami Ice-cream

Fold a square paper half

Fold both ends to meet in the middle

Fold it back down as shown in the picture

Turn it around and fold back the excess ends.

Fold the top ends to meet in the middle.

Fold down as shown in the picture above.

Fold up again.

Like this.

Fold down again.

And up again 🙂

Turn it around and you’ll have this.

Draw lines for the cone and your ice-cream is done 🙂

Slurp! Slurp! Yummy 😀

Cotton Sheep


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This is one cute craft you can do with your old newspaper 🙂 See, our crafts are going green!

Cotton sheep

– Crumple a newspaper into a ball.
– Use masking tape to cover the entire surface

– Paste rolled up cotton onto the newspaper ball

– Poke a toothpick through, glue and let dry.
– Cut black straws and glue over the toothpicks.
– Let dry.

– Cut a face out of black colored foam and paste.
– Paste a couple of googly eyes and your cotton ball sheep is ready! So cute 🙂

Paper Plate Elephant


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Trumpet please! We are making an elephant today 🙂

Plate Elephant

Draw a circle on a felt, any colour of your choice. Draw a line in the middle and cut so you will have two semi-circles.

Glue the semi-circles as the ears.

Cut a strip of paper and fold accordion style.

Click here to learn what is accordion fold.

Glue the strip of paper as the trunk.

Glue two googly eyes and you are done 🙂

Craft’s What Is – Sugar Paper


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Sugar paper or construction paper is a light paper that looks frosted due to the nature of the source material from which the paper is manufactured. It  is  a tougher type of coloured paper; coarse, slightly rough with unfinished surface and is mostly available in large sheets.

The most commonly used sugar paper in craft is the black sugar paper.

Father’s Day Handprint Card


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Father’s Day is just around the corner. Let’s make a card for dear ol’ Dad 😀

Father’s Day Card

Draw a heart on a craft foam and cut

Click here to learn how to get symmetrical heart shape

The kids with their ‘hearts’ 🙂

Draw the outline of your palm

The kids decorating and personalising their cards

Their masterpiece 🙂