Textured Space Art

My boy loves the outer space. He found this picture online the other day.

He loves it so much that he printed it out. Since he loves it very much I thought of converting it into a piece of art.

We managed to make the above inspired by the picture that he printed out earlier.

We’ll need lots of recycled cardboard boxes. What I did was to cut the shapes of planets, meteorite and more out of those boxes. We brought those cut-outs to the Studio.

Got the kids to glue the shapes onto hard construction paper.

Paint the paper with lots of colors and let dry.

Lit a candle and drop the wax all over.

Paint over the wax drops. Paint the planets and the frame.

The artwork after painting. Let dry.

This is the fun part. Once dry, use a coin to scrape the wax off the paper to reveal colorful dots.

The kids and their space art 😀 Houston, we DON’T have a problem 😛


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