Jelly Fish craft

He came home from his Mandarin class the other day with this jellyfish craft. It was a very cute craft indeed but when I asked him, he said most of the work was done by the teachers. He got to paste the tentacles though…

Jellyfish craft

Since he did not get to do it entirely by himself in school, I let him do it in the Studio today.

Paint a jellyfish and let it dry

Cut. He can cut perfectly now 😀

Paste the eyes

Paste the tentacles

Tah-dah! Equally cute and 100% his own effort! *thanx to his teachers for the idea though* 😀


  1. Love the idea – I did something similar with my toddler recently and used a paper plate for the body as he isn’t up to cutting yet

    • Merryn

      Glad you like it and it’s great how you improvise to suit his ability 🙂

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