Paper Plate Cotton Sheep


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I love sheeps. Let’s make a sheep today 🙂

Paper Plate Cotton Sheep

Paint a paper plate grey

Cut the sides and paste

Paint your thumb white

Dot as the eyes and paint the nose

Cut a pair of ears from white and pink paper

The face is done

Paste cotton balls on an empty paper plate

Paste the face to the body

Your paper plate cotton sheep is done 😀

Paper Loop Lamb


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Merryn had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…

Merryn had a little lamb.. 😀 Before I break glasses with my ‘out of tune’ singing, let’s start with our lamb project.

Paper Loop Lamb

Paste one end of a strip of paper to the other end; forming a loop.

Paste two cotton balls as the feet.

Cut two ears from paper and paste.

Paste some cotton balls at the back as the wool and a ribbon near the ear to make it 'pretty' 😀

Hand Print Sheep


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This hand print sheep is very simple to do.
Just trace the outline of your palm.

Help your little one to cut it out. Then get him to glue all over it.

Paste it onto a piece of paper.

Paste some cotton onto it’s body. You’re done! Add details such as eye and ribbon.