Paper Loop Lamb

Merryn had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb…

Merryn had a little lamb.. 😀 Before I break glasses with my ‘out of tune’ singing, let’s start with our lamb project.

Paper Loop Lamb
Paste one end of a strip of paper to the other end; forming a loop.
Paste two cotton balls as the feet.
Cut two ears from paper and paste.
Paste some cotton balls at the back as the wool and a ribbon near the ear to make it 'pretty' 😀


    • That’s the whole idea, easy and interesting.. and cute too 😀

  1. ayie

    i really salute you merryn, this is very simple but never seize to amaze me!

    i am very creative with other things but not with this kind of art. My little boy will learn all these in time =)

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