Hand Print Sheep

This hand print sheep is very simple to do.
Just trace the outline of your palm.

Help your little one to cut it out. Then get him to glue all over it.

Paste it onto a piece of paper.

Paste some cotton onto it’s body. You’re done! Add details such as eye and ribbon.



  1. Ayie

    i'm so impressed! you're the best artist! =D

  2. mNhL

    Now I've realised that we can do so many arts thingy by using our little one's hand. Great idea!

  3. JO-N

    This is really nice and you know, with your creativity, you can even make something to sell online.

  4. Gem

    I am so glad to find a version of the handprint sheep that does not look like it’s anorexic, as if it has a mental illness or as if it got sheared of its ears. Thanks for posting it. My group in the nursery school is the loving lambs and have been looking for something like this so it can be personalized and go on the name board. Thank you so much.

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