Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft


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We first did this toilet paper roll octopus back in 2010 with the elder brother.

Toilet Paper Roll Octopus

Today we did the same with the little brother but skipped the painting part so it is not too lengthy. 


You’ll need:
1 pcs toilet paper roll
1 pcs coloured foam
2 pcs googly eyes
Hole punch

Watch this video on how your toddler can make an octopus out of a toilet paper roll. If you intend to use kitchen roll, you’ll have to cut it short accordingly. 

Sponge Painting – Koi Fish


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Koi painting

We did this sponge artwork with the elder brother back in 2012. Back then we did not have video tutorials. Today, we did this fun sponge painting with my 3 year old and we have the video to share.

Here is the koi fish template if you wish to do it with your little ones too:


Chinese New Year Ang Pow Fish


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Remember our Ang Pow Fish decor we made back in 2010? Well, we improved it recently by adding a tail to it and it is now so much nicer.

Ang Pow Fish

Draw as shown above.

Cut accordingly.

Cut out the tail from another ang pow packet.

Paste it onto the fish.

Add googly eyes and tie a string on it and it is ready to welcome the Lunar New Year 🙂

Angpow Origami Monkey


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Chinese New Year is just a month away and we will be welcoming the Fire Monkey this year.

Let’s make this cute origami monkey to welcome the year of the Monkey.

Cute Angpow Origami Monkey.

For more details, please click here.

Paper Plate Shark


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We came across a nice paper plate shark craft by Cindy and her son Trevor from My Creative Life. Cindy uses paper plates, coloured card stocks and googly eyes but we don’t have card stock and googly eyes in hand so we improvised and used only paper plates and colored craft foams  instead.

paper plate shark craft for kids 4

Paper Plate Shark

paper plate shark craft for kids

Paint a paper plate grey.

paper plate shark craft for kids 1

Paint half of the second paper plate black.

paper plate shark craft for kids 2

Cut small triangles from the other half of the paper plate.

paper plate shark craft for kids 3

Paste those small triangles onto the black area and cut.

paper plate shark craft for kids 4

Cut triangles from grey craft foams, eyes from white and black foams and paste onto the painted paper plate. 

Sharks are friends, not food 😀


Paper Plate Penguin


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It has been quite some time since we last made a paper plate craft hasn’t it? Let’s make a super simple paper plate craft today. Let’s make a penguin 🙂
Paper plate penguin 2


Paper Plate Penguin

Paper plate penguin

All we need is just ONE piece of white paper plate.

Paper plate penguin 1

Fold two sides as the wings.

Paper plate penguin 3

Paint the folded area black.

Paper plate penguin 2

Add eyes, beak and feet and your penguin is done!



Balancing Butterfly Craft


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This is a really fun craft that doesnt require any fancy materials. You’ll most likely have everything already at home. It’s also ‘magical’ and I’m sure your kids will love it!
balancing butterfly craft_2

Amazing Balancing Butterfly Craft

Materials needed:

Coloured Paper
Card board from cereal boxes (or any other box)

balancing butterfly craft_5

Fold a coloured paper half. Draw one half of a butterfly making sure the top wings are way above the butterfly head to enable it to balance. This is also a good time to teach your child about the centre of gravity.

balancing butterfly craft_4

Cut and paste onto the card board. Cut again. 

balancing butterfly craft

Decorate the butterfly. 

balancing butterfly craft_1

Paste a coin each on the back of the top wings. 

balancing butterfly craft_3

The butterfly should be able to balance itself now. 

balancing butterfly

It can balance almost anywhere. 

balancing butterfly_2

Your kids will have a whole lot of fun balancing the butterfly everywhere!

balancing bird

You can also make a balancing bird instead of a butterfly. 

balancing bird_1

 It’s just as beautiful and fun to play with. This is a great craft to make at any parties 🙂


Origami Whale


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It’s the school holidays now so let’s make an origami whale.
Origami Whale_1 Crafty Crafted

Origami Whale_2 Crafty Crafted

Origami Whale_3 Crafty Crafted

Origami Whale_4

Origami Whale_5 Crafty Crafted

Origami Whale Crafty Crafted

OK so it’s the school holidays and I just wanted to do something different with my entry. Hehe. This is not my usual entry. There is no step-by-step instructions but just comic of my two kids because I’ve posted a step-by-step instructions on how to fold an origami whale back in 2009. If you need the full instructions, click here.

Toe Print Caterpillar


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Sorry for the long hiatus. I’ve just delivered to a cute baby boy and on his 15th day, he did his very first print art using his toes! 🙂
Toe Print Caterpillar_7

Toe Print Caterpillar

Toe Print Caterpillar

The big brother painted a leaf and stamped it onto a piece of paper. He later painted his toes and stamped them above the leaf.

Toe Print Caterpillar_6

He helped his little brother to paint his little toes and stamped them onto the paper too.

Toe Print Caterpillar_7

The big brother and lil brother’s caterpillar 🙂

Dried Leaf Chick


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We were walking in the park when we noticed lots of dried leaves scattered around. I picked up several nice ones and brought them home.

Today’s craft is Dried Leaf Chick.

Dried Leaf Chick


Dried Leaf Chick

You’ll need 2 dried leaves of different sizes. Paint them yellow (using acrylic paint) and let dry.

Paste the smaller leaf onto the bigger one as the wings.

Paste googly eyes.

Use a marker pen to draw the feet.  

The dried leaf chick is done! 😀

Egg carton snake


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Chinese New Year is approaching fast and we are ready to welcome the year of the Snake. Let’s make a snake out of egg cartons today.
egg carton snake


Just cut the egg cartons into individual cups and paint green.

Paste googly eyes and tongue (cut out of felt or angpow wrapper).

Paste dots on the body.

Punch a hole and tie a string through the egg carton cups.

The snake is done!

Happy Chinese New Year to all! 🙂

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag


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Halloween is just around the corner. Let’s start preparing for ‘Trick or Treat’.

We don’t need to burn a hole in our pocket this festive season. Just DIY what we can. For this Halloween Goodie Bag, all we need is brown paper bag and black sugar paper.

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

First, draw any creepy Halloween features on the black sugar paper. Let your child cut it out. You may need to assist him/her if they are not ready to handle the scissors yet.

Apply glue to one side of the sugar paper.

Paste onto the brown bag. Decorate as you wish.

The Halloween Goodie bag is ready. You may also use brown bags with handles.

Papier Mache Hook


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It’s been some time since our last papier mache project so let’s make one today.

Papier mache snake hook

Cut an S shape out of a hard board.

Roll some old newspapers and secure them on the S template using masking tape. Repeat on another side.

Use masking tape and tape all over the newspaper.

Tear old newspapers. Soak them in water. Apply PVA glue and paste all over the masking tape. Repeat several layers. Let dry.

Paint the snake and let dry. Once dry you can use it to hang some lightweight stuffs 😀

Dog Cookies for Kids


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Besides crafting, we can also bake cute stuffs for kids.

With just flour, icing sugar and butter (and some chocolate chips, rice and Koko Krunch), we can make this cute little doggies cookies. Click here for recipe and full instructions 🙂

Egg Carton Handprint Owl


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Howdy craftiers! Sorry for the long absence. It’s been some time now since our last hand print art, hasn’t it? Let’s make this cute handprint owl art today 🙂

Handprint Egg Carton Owl

Paint your palm brown.

Stamp it onto a piece of drawing art block.

Cut the eyes and beak out of an egg carton.

Paint the eyes and beak.

While waiting for the egg carton to dry, paste some feathers on the handprint.

Paste the eyes onto the handprint and the cute owl is done! Boot boot! 😀

Koi fish painting for kids


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The kids painted koi fish today in the Studio. It’s super easy even a toddler can do it! 😀

Koi fish (Japanese carp) painting

I drew and cut out two templates (as shown above) for each of the kids.

Get the kids to paint the entire drawing block blue using sponge. My kid insists to paint it green as he said the water in the pond is always green!

Place the first template and start dabbing white paint over the holes in the template. Let dry.

Place the second template over the white paint and dab orange paint.

Repeat the process if you wish to have more than one fish.

Pencil Topper


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During the school holidays, I brought our little crafty boy to the mall for some fun holiday crafts. They did a pencil topper that day.

My boy was given this piece of hard construction printed paper. He coloured it.

I thought he did a great job at coloring the horse! 😀

He then applied glue all over and placed a pencil in the middle.

Fold, seal and let dry.

He loves it so much that he wanted to make more for his teachers so he can give them when school reopens. We printed our own pictures and he did a few..

Watch this video of him printing and making a Butterfly Pencil Topper 🙂

Felt Bunny


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Michael Ann of Michael Ann Made shared with us this cute little bunny felt craft. This could be a fun craft to do with your kids who want to learn to sew by enlarging the pattern a few percent on a copy machine, and using yarn and a yarn sewing needle to stitch it together. The full tutorial and pattern can be found here.

This craft requires adult’s supervision as the use of needle is needed.

Thank you Michael Ann for this lovely sharing.

You too can share your art and craft work with us. Just click here to submit. Thank you

Crepe Paper Pencil Holder


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I’ve always loved the fine art of pottery. I wish to try pottery with the students but I can’t find a good enough clay yet.

In the meantime, remember the kids’ paper twisting project previously? Refer to it here. Let’s get them to train their ‘pottery’ skills using crepe paper instead 🙂

We will need a large toilet paper roll. Glue a cardboard at the base and let dry.

We’ll need lots of strips of crepe paper.

Twisting crepe paper is good to train the little kids’ motor skills and coordination.

Apply glue on the toilet paper roll and paste the twisted crepe paper, rolling and repeating with new strips of paper until you’ve covered the entire roll.

The kids busy with their masterpiece.

The completed crepe paper pencil holder.

The kiddo decorated it to be a colourful alien bunny ^_^

Another kid did this creative BEE!

Aren’t they beautiful? I’d be very proud to have them on my working station 🙂

Easter Lamb craft


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It’s Good Friday today. Are you done decorating your eggs for Easter?  Inspired by DisneyFamilyFun, we did this little cutie lamb today 🙂

Easter Egg Lamb

Our little artist has just started learning the piano and one of his favourite piece is Mary has a Little Lamb. He learned this piece from YouTube. Watch him play here 😀

Since he is loving lambs so much, it is only appropriate to make one to accompany him <3

All you need are: 
* an empty egg shell
* a black straw for the legs
* colored paper for the ears (I cut out from old magazine)
* cotton balls
* glue

Cut the straws

Glue onto the egg

Paste cotton all over the lamb leaving the front part empty for the face

Draw eyes and mouth

The Easter Egg family is expanding 😀 Check out our previous post on making the Easter Egg Mickey Mouse here.