Z for Zebra

I remembered my niece once shared with us a naughty little joke.

She asked, “What animal is very hamsup (cheeky)?”
Me: The LEMUR (King Julian) in Madagascar!
Hazel: WRONG!
Me: Then what?
Hazel: ZEBRA!  Coz zebra will un-ZIP and show off its BRA!


LoL! Cheeky little girl she was…

Today, let’s not be cheeky and make a zebra as a teaching aid instead. This is great to be used when introducing ABCs to the little one. I was in one of the localkindy around when I saw this on their Art Board so here we are reproducing the art work 🙂

I prepared a Z template and get the kids to use it to draw the outline.

Cut out the Z

Paint stripes on the letter Z

Paint a strip of paper black, let dry and cut little strips as the mane.

Paste the mane onto the Z, add ears and eyes and the ZEBRA is done! 🙂

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