Bubble wrap Honeycomb art


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Let’s make a honeycomb using bubble wrap today 😀


Paint a piece of bubble wrap

Place the painted surface down on a piece of paper

Paint your thumb and stamp all over as the bees

Paint the wings and draw lines on the bees.

Now comes the fun part. Mix some paint with PVA glue.

Drip the mixture onto the honeycomb

Hold the paper up and see the paint mixture flow creating honey in the honeycomb 😀

Optional : I cut some ovals out of yellow foam and get the kids to paste them onto the honeycomb. Paste plastic wings too.

Egg carton Bee


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We did an egg carton bee today 😀

Egg carton bee

Paint the egg carton yellow

Paint stripes on it

Glue wings onto the bee

Bend a pipe cleaner (chenille stick) and glue on the head

Paste the eyes and the bee is done 🙂

Craft Stick Insect Garden


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Craft sticks can be used to make beautiful decorative items. Today, let’s make an insect garden 🙂

Craft Stick Insect Garden

– You’ll need 8 craft sticks.

– Arrange them as shown above and glue to keep them in place.

Refer here for the ladybug instructions and here for the bee instructions.

– Cut some grass out of green felt and paste them all onto the craft sticks.

– Your masterpiece will definitely cheer up any dull looking wall 🙂

Craft Stick Bee Bookmark


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We can make an interesting bee bookmark using a craft stick.

Craft stick bee bookmark

– Draw a circle on a yellow craft foam and cut

– Draw and cut another circle out of a black craft foam this time

– Paint a craft stick yellow

– Cut the black circle into half, paste as wings.
– Cut some tiny strips out of black craft foams and paste on the bee.
– Paste the craft stick at the back.

Your cute craft stick bee bookmark is all done 🙂



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This chubby bee is very easy to do and looks so cute, all kids will love it!
You need to paint the back of one paper plate yellow.
And another paper plate black.
* Cut four stripes of black craft foam and paste onto the yellow paper plate.
* Cut the black paper plate into half and paste it at the back of the yellow plate as wings.
* Use pipe cleaner as the antennae and sting.
* Use googly eyes or stone as the eyes and you’re done!