Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Let’s make a reindeer out of toilet paper roll today 😀

Toilet Paper Roll Reindeer

Cut four legs out of a toilet paper roll

Paint the reindeer brown

Paint the feet black

Paint a cotton ball red. Just dip the brush in red paint and dab the brush all over on the cotton.

Paint your thumb white

Stamp onto the reindeer as eyes. Glue the red cotton ball as nose.

Twist several short pipe cleaners and glue as the antlers.

Your toilet paper roll reindeer is done 😀


  1. Ayiesha

    The kids had so much fun making this..they enjoyed getting messy while painting (they’re 2 & 4), but especially putting on the eyes (we used googly eyes).
    Will do this every year!

  2. This is a good idea. The reindeer is very beautiful. I will have my daughter to try to make one at home too.

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