Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

We are making a toilet paper roll snowman today 😀

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Cut a strip of white paper

Wrap and paste the toilet paper roll. You may opt to paint the whole roll white instead of wrapping it with paper.

Cut another toilet paper roll at 1/3 of the length and paint black as the snowman’s hat

Cut a circle and paste the top of the hat. Cut a bigger circle for the bottom of the hat.

Paste the hat on the white toilet roll.

Add details such as eyes and all.

Your toilet paper roll snowman is done 🙂


  1. oh that’s so cute… you can also try making nutcracker soldier out of it

    very interesting crafts… very resourceful too
    have a great day merryn

  2. very good idea! as a newly wed, i have been searching for ideas in making stuff for the new home on a tight budget. too bad i havent come across this site before last christmas. i have always been trying to think of what nice things to do to the toilet paper rolls, as they always end up in the bin.

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