Handprint Reindeer

Rudolph the red nose reindeer… we’ll be making one today 😀

Handprint Reindeer

Draw the outline of your handprint on a piece of paper and cut

Use that handprint template and draw on a brown craft foam

Cut a small oval and paste as the tail

Bend some pipe cleaners and paste on the reindeer’s head. Paste other small details.

Paste googly eyes and you are done 🙂


  1. omg!! ethan so cute with the mickey’s ear hat! hahaha! n what a craft! handprint can turn to reindeer!

    • Merryn


      We should have given you one mickey hat the other day when we met up! I have lots of them 😀

      • eeeee i want!!! can u pass to eric since he is coming here on 8th dec?? :p

  2. Adrina Aziz

    Will be doing the raindeer handprint next week….
    Cant wait.. thanx for the great idea.

  3. wow that is soo cute… you can even make it as a Christmas tree decor…
    so nice
    and I agree to Carol… that Mickey mouse hat looks so cute with Ethan

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