Handprint Paper Plate Reindeer Card Holder


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Wow.. that’s a pretty long name for the craft we are making today 😀

Handprint Paper Plate Reindeer Card Holder

Paint 2 paper plates brown

Cut one plate in half

Glue the circular edge

Fold the other paper plate and cut both edges. Do not throw away the edges as you’ll need it for the ears, legs and tail.

Like this

Draw the outline of your palm and cut out

Glue the handprint cut-outs

Like this

Cut out ears, legs and tail and paste. Paste eyes and nose and glue the head to the body.

The kids with their handprint paper plate reindeer card holder

The reindeer will make a very cute card holder for your favourite greeting cards 😀

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very timely craft for the upcoming xmas!

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