Cutie Hearts Huggies Fridge Magnet

This Mother’s Day, let’s give her some hugs and love.. with all our hearts 😀

You’ll need a lot of heart shapes for this craft. Click here to learn how to get the perfect symmetrical heart shape.

Cutie Hearts Hug Fridge Magnet
Trace a heart shape onto a pink craft foam and cut.
Trace smaller hearts onto red craft foam and cut. You'll need four of those.
Glue googly eyes onto the pink heart.
Glue white pipe cleaners onto the red hearts.
Glue them all onto the pink heart and you are done with your huggies 😀

What is pipe cleaner? Click here to find out.


  1. ethan boy is sooooo cute!! bersemangat doing the crafts 😀

    • Merryn

      😀 Just for the Mommy, Rose.. Mother’s Day 😛

  2. Su

    Love the foot prints… now i have idea to have fun time wt my kids…..

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