Craft Tips – How to make Symmetrical Paper Heart

Do you have difficulty making a heart? I mean, do you find it hard to draw a heart that looks even on both sides? You might find that one side is bigger than the other or loop sided or anything else. It is actually very simple to make a symmetrical heart shape. Let’s do it now 🙂

Get a piece of paper.
Cut out the shape of half a heart.
There, your symmetrical heart shape. It can never be too ugly no matter what 😛


    • Merryn

      😀 This will be useful for many other projects that requires the use of a ‘heart’ shape 🙂

  1. hey, this is a good tips! For sure, I’ll teach baby rosemary later on how to make stuffs like this. interesting 🙂

    • Merryn


      I started Ethan at 14 months old. You have a good 7 more months to prepare yourself 😛

  2. ayie

    i am proud to say that i have perfected this when i was a kid! lol

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