Handprint Frog

Our hand print can do wonders when it comes to arts and crafts. Today, let’s make a frog out of it 🙂

Handprint Frog
You'll need green and white paper, a black marker pen and glue.
Draw a circle out of the green paper and cut. You may need to assist your child to cut the circle if he has yet to master the scissors 🙂
Fold the green paper into two. Draw your hand print and cut. You will need two hand print cut outs.
Paste the hand print as the frog's feet.
Cut two eyes out of the white paper and paste as the frog's eyes.
Use the black marker to draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Your hand print frog is all done and ready to hop 🙂


  1. me

    Oh Wow!!!!!! That’s a good project to do with my preschooler’s

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