Albino Spider

One of Ethan’s vitamin supplement comes with a sponge in the bottle. Each time we open a new bottle, we need to take out the sponge. After some time, I see that I have so many of these nice round sponges and wondered what can I do with them. Today, let’s make good use out of it. Let’s make a spider, an albino spider that is 😛

Albino Spider
You'll need a round sponge, a white pipe cleaner, a red pipe cleaner and two large googly eyes
Glue the googly eyes onto the sponge
Cut the white pipe cleaner into smaller pieces. You'll need eight. Bend them and glue four on each side
Cut a short piece of red pipe cleaner. Bend in the middle and glue as the mouth. Your albino spider is done 🙂


  1. Wow… nice..
    If added a spring on top can stick at my office desk wall already.. ^^

    • Merryn


      Cool! A bouncy spider. I like that 😀

    • Merryn


      Yeah! Crab.. hmm… OK! must think how to improvise. Thanx 😀

  2. LOL… i never thought spiders can experience albinism too … i alwyas love to put googly eyes in my projects hehe

    • Merryn


      I love googly eyes too! It just brings out the life in a craft 😀

      Yeah.. spiders and anything in fact can experience albinism 😛

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