Hand and Footprint Dove

I’ve always love dove. Let’s make a very simple hand and footprint dove today 🙂

Hand and Footprint Dove

Draw the outline of your palm on a piece of white paper

Draw the outline of your foot on a piece of white paper

Cut them out

Dot some glue on the hand cut out

Paste the hand cut out onto the foot cut out

You’ll get a flying dove 🙂

Use marker to draw a dot as the eye. Dab some glue on the dove

Paste the dove onto a piece of black sugar paper

Oh yeah, cut a beak out of a brown felt and paste. I framed up my dove and it turned out beautiful 😀


    • Merryn

      Lil prince’s mummy,

      I frame this up and it looked so classic! I like it so much 😀

    • Merryn


      I super like this too. I framed it up to be put up in my studio 🙂

  1. I like it, simple and nice! You are so natural with the foot and handprint arts, applause!

  2. ayie

    it’s a cute dove merryn but you can also try doing the hand (fingers) a bit tightly close to each other and will make a good wing effect =) this one though shows a dove on flight with wings all widespread

    • Merryn


      Very true indeed. If I were the one who’s doing it, I’ll do it your way 😀 But this is Ethan and we have to make do with whatever that he came out with 😛

      Seriously though, yes, try to keep your fingers close for this project. Nicer effect 😀

      Thankx Ayie 🙂

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