Craft Tips – Paper Plate as an alternative to paper

Ever tried painting with your toddlers? Remember the mess they can create? How often do they tear the paper when they kept on painting on the same spot and that spot became soggy and weak? When doing a paint project with your toddlers, it’s good to use paper plates instead of drawing paper as paper plate is much thicker to prevent from tear resulting from too much handling.

Paint a paper plate 🙂


  1. Kimmy

    Nowadays it is so hard to find plain designed paper plates.. Mostly are with flowers or printed media.

    • Merryn


      Totally agree with you. That is why, if I managed to get hold of plain paper plates, I’ll grab a dozen 😛

    • Merryn

      Yes Ayie,

      It’s most suitable for water colour projects 🙂

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