Toilet Roll Cat Pencil Holder


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Meow! My boy loves cat and he’ll get excited each time we do a cat craft. Today, we did a cat pencil holder using a large toilet roll.

Toilet Roll Cat Pencil Holder

You’ll need a large toilet paper roll and egg carton as the ears.

Glue the ears to the toilet paper roll and let dry

Glue the toilet paper roll onto a hard board

Once dry, trim off the excess board

Paint it, inside out.

Twist a newspaper

Wrap it with masking tape

Glue cotton around it and paste as the tail

Dab your brush on the cotton to paint it

Paste eyes, nose and draw whiskers and your pencil holder made of entirely recycled materials is done! 😀

He loves it!

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so lovely… great job Ethan!!
and love your working place too…

This is very nice, I love it too 🙂

Purr-fect meow..great job.

I enjoyed looking at this website and all the different crafts I will be able to make with leftover products in my home. Thank you so much for helping me be more crafty.

I really loved this toliet paper roll pencil holder and cannot wait to make it this week-end. Thank you for the experience with different crafts.

I really enjoyed and wish to learn more art skills since I am teaching art at school without relevant skills. I am sesperate and need help.

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