Footprint Mushroom

Mushrooms! We love mushrooms! Today we are going to make a footprint paper plate mushroom 😀

Footprint paper plate mushroom

Cut a paper plate to the shape of a mushroom top

Paint the paper plate red.

While waiting for the paper plate to dry, paint your foot white or brown.. 😀

Stamp your painted foot on a piece of coloured construction paper.

Back to the paper plate. Paint a coat of diluted PVA glue all over the plate. This acts as an adhesive to hold the cotton later on and also as a varnish. Read here to learn more about varnishing using PVA glue.

Paste cotton balls

Spread the remaining PVA glue at the back of the paper plate

Paste it onto the footprint and the mushroom is done! Served with a bowl of freshly cooked mushroom soup, YUMMY! 😀




  1. Alice Law

    Soooooooo Cute! Let’s make ths tmw!^^

  2. Look at the delight in his face when he does these things! He must really enjoy doing it. He seems to be an expert in painting his foot now! 😀

  3. Aaawwwwwww! This is so cute especially the cute little boy! 😀

  4. mama magic

    Very cute ! Love the colors. I am all about footprints and hand prints since my toddler is just 2.5yrs old. This will be the very next craft for us!

    • Hi Mama Magic,

      YES! Hand and footprint art is BEST for toddlers that age. They’ll discover their fingers and toes and it is very interesting observing how their hands and footprint creates something such as mushrooms! 😀

  5. first of all.. love your hair ethan… I should try that too one of these days hehe
    hey and love the mushroom too so neat and so cute.. woohoo

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