Origami Fish


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Another easy origami to do.
You’ll need a square paper to start with.

Fold it into two.

Fold the bottom end up into the middle.

Repeat on the other side.

Fold a flip.

Fold another flip. Can you see Ethan’s little fingers joining in the ‘glamour‘? ^^

Turn it over and you’ll get this. Decorate it with eyes and mouth and you’re done!

Ethan admiring the origami fish. 😀


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hehe so simple to do but so cute!

Wawawawaa…i wanna do this!

It's me again. I tried the fish and it works! Yeah yeah… i will play the fish with my son. Hehehe

yeay! i just love it when somebody tried it n got it! go go go!

I've been trying some of your crafts for my husband's niece when we visit them, she's 9 and gets amazed with those simple stuffs. haha =)

ayie, u r da best! 😀

keep coming merryn…i'm sharing your crafts to kiddos…hope you don't mind =)

Ayie, it's all about sharing here! 😀

Thanks dear =)

my son loves it!

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