Craft Tips – Removing Labels

Though we love to recycle old bottles or tins for crafts, they are often covered with labels which are sometimes hard to take off. The easiest way to do this is to fill a washing-up bowl with some warm water and soak the bottle in the water for ten minutes. The label should peel off very easily.

Or you might want to try applying a thick coat of cooking oil onto the label. Let the oil soak in overnight. Peel the label off. You may need to reapply oil onto sticky or partly dissolved glue that remain. Once the label is completely removed, wash with warm soapy water. You’ll get squeeky clean bottles or tins 😀


  1. wow… what a nice tip… actually we find it hard to remove those labels… that sticky thing is really hard to peel of…
    thanks for the tips merryn

  2. i do that too, soaking in water because I want to recycle some of my bottles for crafts

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