Craft Tips – How to Sharpen Your Scrapbook Craft Punches


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* Take a piece of aluminum foil and punch your craft punch through it several times in order to sharpen the edges. Then try the punch on a thicker paper like cardstock to see if it cuts more easily.

* If that doesn’t do the trick you can gently sand the edges of your punch with fine sand paper on each side to make them sharper.

* Punch your craft punch through a piece of wax paper several times to lubricate the punch and clean off any adhesive residue.

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Good tips. Now I know how to get my old puncher to work again! THks

You are welcome Pete 🙂

this is good also for other kind of punchers right?

Scrapbooking was one of my hobbies when i was in high school and college. it was quite fun.`~*

my daughter loves to do some scrapbooking and she is good at that`:’

my little sister loves scrapbooking a lot, she uses those recycled paper materials and stuffs like that.–

my daughter have been doing some scrapbooking stuffs over the years and she really likes it “:~

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