Craft Tips – Sign and Date your crafts

Always sign and date your labors of love. Many years from now, it’s hard to remember who took the time to create their “labor of love” and when. Looking back at all the crafts are like going down memory lane, sentimental and emotional 🙂

Let’s share your craft tips and tricks with us here 🙂 We learn, we share 🙂


  1. Kimmy

    Sign and date the crafts is something our teachers in school does not put priority. I think they should practice this so that children could understand that each craft created by them is unique and special.

    Thanks for reminding me on this. 🙂

    • Merryn

      Yes Kimmy,

      Unfortunately our teachers did not realise that after some time, those crafts are something sentimental to us.. without the dates we can’t recall when we actually did those… too bad..

  2. Harlooo pretty mummy…. lol… i dun do craft, because usually i busy create horror stories for children. =.= You wouldn’t want Ethan near me… lol…I am a walking disaster.

    But i agree with the signing your craft too… i mean, my manuscripts are all dated. 😛

  3. Sheryl

    Hi, I love your website. You have great ideas! I am an Assistant Teacher in a Preschool (2 & young 3 year olds) and I keep a date stamp in my apron pocket and I date stamp all and anything that the children have created from scribbling with crayons to painting on the easel. The children always make sure that I date stamp their work after I write their names! After going through my own grown children’s artwork and finding I didn’t always date it I decided to help out the moms of my children. I even got a thank you from one mom!

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