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It was the second day of Chinese New Year, 15 February 2010 to be exact. At 9.31am I got an sms from a friend, “Your face is on tv now”. I was like.. huh? By the time we switched on the tv, everything’s gone~ler. Yes, Ethan and I were featured on Tv3’s Kids News that day. Remember I blogged about our first recording? Unfortunately, we did not get to catch it..

Yesterday was my first day back at work. My students excitedly told my colleague that they saw me on tv, and he told me about it. Immediately I went to my students and lessons were ‘abandon’ for a moment there talking about my one minute ‘fame’ 😀

It seems that the students were more excited seeing their teacher on tv than me knowing that Ethan and I were on tv! Why was I not excited? Because I did not get to see ‘us’ on air~lor… So no feelings at all..

I contacted TV3 and they told me that they’ll arrange to give me a DVD copy of that episode. They might even have another episode aired before the end of the month. Keeping fingers cross now 😀

I’ll keep you guys posted.. Happy Weekend..


  1. Hi Merryn, I also missed the Tv3 kids News. Please post the show here, I wanna see both your lovely face in the show.

    • Merryn


      I’ll post it here once I get the copy of it 😀

  2. ayie

    nice you’ll get to have a copy of it…too bad you didn’t see your minute of fame while on air =)

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