Giant Handprint Christmas Tree

We are making a giant Handprint Christmas tree today. Well, you determine how GIANT you want it to be 😛

Giant Handprint Christmas Tree

Get the kids to paint their palm green or yellow

How GIANT the Christmas tree will depend on how BIG your paper is.

Lightly draw a large triangle on the paper and get the kids to stamp their painted palm within the triangle area.

Repeat until the whole area is stamped.

Paint your palm yellow and stamp on the top of the Christmas tree as the star.

Let it dry

Once dried, paint your thumb and decorate.

You may also use sponge and rollers. Just have fun and decorate! 😀


  1. ayie

    I wonder how many tiny little hands made that xmas tree?

  2. those kids.. are really creative… Well done kids…
    I just wish we were there in Malaysia so i can enroll milzon there and join Ethan and others..

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