Footprint Penguin

Painting is just so much fun! We are very happy today so let’s make a happy footprint penguin 🙂

Footprint Penguin

Paint your foot white, then outline with black

It should be something like this

Stamp your painted foot onto a piece of paper

Paint your thumb black and stamp on both sides of the penguin

Use a hole punch to punch out small circles out of black craft foam.

Dab some glue on it.

Paste as the eyes. Cut a triangle out of felt and paste as the beak.

Happy feet is done 😀


  1. haha that is so cute… and ethan has a very cute toes huh
    happy blogging meryn and ethan

    • Merryn


      You to BD, happy blogging 😀

  2. Hi Merryn,
    LOVE your idea. So cute!!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    It inspired me to make a “shoe” penguin
    + a bunch of other shape penguins and a little booklet about them too!
    I posted them in a blog article with a reference to you and a link back. 🙂 Hope it gets you some traffic!
    You can check it out at:

  3. Lucy

    Can I ask what paint you have used for the finger/foot print designs? As just wanted to ensure it is safe to use on my 1 year olds body. Also, when paonting on porcelain do you need to heat to affix paint? Will this be dishwasher proof?

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