Egg Carton Grapes

Craft Goes Green day 🙂 This time we are converting egg cartons into delicious and juicy grapes 😀

Yummy egg carton grapes 🙂

Cut and paint several egg carton cups

This will be my first time sharing a video of my boy at work 😀 This is a video of him painting 🙂

Ethan @ 36 months old

Once dry, paste them onto a piece of paper.
Cut and paste felt as the leaves.

Frame the grapes if you wish.

The 3D effect makes it a beautiful art piece 😀


  1. very nice, with 3d effect some more, next can you make some green grapes? 😛 Or maybe strawberries?

    • Merryn

      Mummy Moon,

      You may improvise all you wish. With a little creativity it can be anything 😀

    • Merryn

      Oh yes.. definitely a must do 🙂

  2. susan

    very easy to let kids handle. will let my daughter to do this craft as she love grape so much… definitely fund for her. TQ sharing the idea.

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