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Today we are going to have fun with bubbles!

Bubble print art

We’ll need a shallow bowl, water, washing-up liquid and paints

Pour water into a shallow bowl

Add the washing-up liquid

Squeeze in some red paint

Using a balloon pump, pump up the mixture. I refrained from letting the kids use straw to blow the mixture as kids are kids, they might accidentally SUCK the mixture instead of BLOWING!

Keep pumping the mixture until the bubbles are almost over the edge of the dish

Place a piece of paper on the bubbles until they popped

If you don’t get the desired amount of bubbles, add more washing up liquid. Sometimes, the bubbles are too faint, add more paint into the mixture in that case

There, better now

Repeat the process until you covered the entire paper

You may want to add more colours to the mixture

And MORE paints! 😀

If the mixture gets too dark as a result of mixing too many colours, discard the mixture and start all over again

The kids and their bubble print art 🙂

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OOhh….that’s how she came back with the painting.

now i understand how he “painted” it kekekeke….he was telling me add the soap, pump up bubble then you put on top something something and you get the results and I was like HUH??

Thanks for sharing such a pleasant thinking, paragraph is
pleasant, thats why i have read it entirely

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