Magic Painting

We’ve been doing lots of artwork and crafts lately but I just can’t find the time to post it! Today I managed to squeeze in this post 😀

We did some magic painting the other day in the Studio and the kids loved it! I prepared some ‘magic sheets’ before the arrival of the kids.

I drew some pictures on drawing blocks using white crayon hence the pictures are not visible to the children’s eyes.

Can you see what I’m drawing? 🙂

To the kids, this is just a plain sheet of paper! Then comes the FUN part!

They were told to simply paint anywhere on the paper and to their delight, they saw pictures emerging!

The boys got excited when they saw vehicles on their drawing block.

While the girls were happy with cuter stuffs like cute heart shapes and flowers 😀

This is one activity that the kids really love and I think I’ll draw more detailed pictures next time to excite them. Ben 10 for the boys and Smurfs for the girls? Nah… I’m not that talented! 😀


  1. Fledgeling

    Love this idea! Will try it out with my daughter.

  2. jwg

    This would have been far more meaningful if the kids have been given the crayons and been allowed to do their own drawings. As it is, it is more about your work than theirs. And some girls like trucks and some boys like flowers. A

    • Dear Jwg,

      I did give the kids crayons to draw on their own later but that would be in another post for another entry. As it is, this is what I call “Magic Painting” as I wanted to surprise them with a blank paper that transforms. The drawing with crayon part is what I call “Magic Drawing”. Thank you.

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