Abstract Art – Crayon

We are making an abstract art today, with crayons 🙂

Abstract Art

We’ll need some crayon shavings

Spread them onto a piece of construction paper

Cover with another piece of paper

Use a slightly heated up iron to heat up the crayon shavings.

Please be careful while handling hot iron. Make sure the little ones are no where nearby.

Get the little ones to peel the papers.

The abstract art is done.

Coming up next is what we did with the abstract art. Stay tune 😀


  1. Ohhh… remind me of my childhood project, candle made meteor shower!^-^ Have a nice day!

  2. like this website very much… most of the arts are very easy to do… thanks for sharing yet another great arts idea..

  3. abstract art have share some of its unique beauty when it comes to art. i like abstract art because it is mysterious *-;

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