Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe


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We had a very fun time making this giraffe today 😀

Toilet Paper Roll Giraffe

You will need four toilet paper rolls and one kitchen paper roll

Draw a giraffe head and cut. Draw another slightly bigger head, cut and paste to the smaller head.

You’ll get a giraffe head as shown above.

Cut the remaining rolls as shown above.

Glue them all together to get the giraffe.

Paint the giraffe yellow

While waiting for the yellow paint to dry, cut a strip of paper for the giraffe’s mane and paint it brown.

Paint the spots brown

Glue the eyes, mane and tail.

The giraffe is done 😀

Crafty-Crafted Friends, Our Little Corners submitted an equally awesome giraffe craft too.

Click here for the full instruction.

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O_o oh myour project has been featured here… thank you soooo much Merryn… Love the Giraffe.. ours is a malnourished one LOL

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