Paper Mache Aeroplane


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We are very excited today. We did a paper mache aeroplane! We can now build our very own toys! Yeay!

Paper Mache Aeroplane

Cut wings and tail out of paper plate and attach to an empty plastic bottle using masking tape.

Spread glue on the bottle and paste wet shredded paper. Repeat until the entire bottle is covered.

It is best to paste few layers to get solid and hard aeroplane.

Finish with a layer of white recycled paper and let dry.

Paint it with the colour of your choice.

Decorate it.

Paint windows and all. Let dry and spray a layer of varnish to seal the paint.

He now has a new aeroplane to play with! 😀

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Hi I’m from Türkiye.I follow you fondly.Iwant to ask a question; how many years old your sun? ? have a sun 3 years old and ? want to make this activities with him. thanks for sharing

Hi Nurdan,

My boy is going to be 4 end of July. Thank you for following our blog 😀

Very interesting aeroplane, now I can start to make one for my boy liao, thx!^^

You are welcome 🙂

I wanted to thank you for that great Idea. its so rainy in yamaguchi that i have to keep my 3 sons bussy.

i will do that with my sons in the end of the week and thinking about to blog it and link it to you if its ok.


Hi Ines,

Glad you love the idea 🙂

Of you can share this idea in your blog. We are all about sharing 😀

I love this aeroplane very much

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