Stamping Activity: Spider, Lollipop and a Goldfish


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My youngest boy is now 3 years old. It is important to work on his soft motor skills. At this age, I pay more attention to his finger muscles and hand strengthening as it is crucial in helping him to hold the pencil when he starts going to school.

Stamping is one of the best activity to work those finger muscles as he will be utilising all four fingers and his thumb to hold the stamp. It helps in his coordination and when I make it a little more challenging by getting him to draw something out of the circle he stamped, it becomes a bilateral activity that activates the non-dominant hand (to hold the paper) as well as his creativity in painting his thoughts on paper.

Watch this video on how he started by stamping random circles and proceeded to paint a spider, lollipop as well as a goldfish from just a circle.

Stamping Activity for Toddlers


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Hello! My little boy is 2 1/2 years old now and loves to emulate his big brother. The other day the big brother was doing his school art work – stamping and the little one wanted to try it too.

So I got him an okra, halved it and wrapped it with a tissue as he finds it itchy to hold it with his bare hand.

He began stamping all over the empty A4 paper.

Here’s a short video of him stamping:

He had so much fun stamping that he is asking for more. Next round we’ll be using potatoes instead 🙂